Wega 55 MKIII

Wega 55 MKIII
Wega 55_ořech_čelně
Wega 55_ořech_záda
Producer: AQ
  • Selling code: 0w55t
    EAN: 8595122700720
    Surface: třešeň třešeň
  • Selling code: 0w55
    EAN: 8595122700713
    Surface: jasan černý jasan černý
  • Selling code: 0w55o
    EAN: 8595122700300
    Surface: ořech ořech

Wega 55 MKIII loudspeakers feature a massive duo of 8” polypropylene woofers that have immense power reserves and astonishing dynamic drive. Polypropylene cones are rigid and light and the resulting bass is quick, precise and very dynamic. The same concept applies to the 5 ½” polypropylene midrange driver that has a separate acoustic chamber. Precise 1” Vifa silk dome tweeter rounds off the quartet of the drivers, delivering tremendous performance.

Proprietary sandwich baffle, flush mounted drivers, multiple flat and cross braces, point to point internal wiring and individually mounted meticulous crossover simply speaks volumes about the highest quality construction of Wega 55 MKIII. The underside of the enclosure is equipped with M6 metric thread that allows adjustable spike installation. Bi-wiring, Bi-amping heavy duty terminals handle speaker cable up to 4.5mm2

Finish natural wood veneer – black ash, walnut