• Museum Hrotovicka - Monument F.B.Zverina

    Delivery of PC kiosks including SW for content editing, projection, sound and exposure control.

    Investor: Town Hrotovice

    Year: 2018

  • Exposition František Palacky in Hodslavice

    Delivery of projectors and touch kiosks.

    Investor: Museum Novojicinska

    Year: 2018

  • Stad Farm Tlumačov

    Sound system in indoor hall and outdoor area.


    Year: 2017

  • The New Mill Water Tower

    Supply: PC kiosks, projection, video wall, sound system. Complete exposition control.

    Investor: Museum of the Capital of Prague

    Year: 2017

  • House at the Golden Ring

    Supply: PC kiosks, projection, sound system, complete exposition control.

    Investor: Museum of the capital of Prague

    Year: 2016 - 2017

  • Wallachian Open Air Museum

    Supply of PC kiosks, projection, sound, audio quide.

    Investor: Wallachian Open Air Museum in Roznov pod Radhostem

    Year: 2016

  • Monastery of St. Agnes

    Supply of PC kiosks and childrenś stands with audio player.

    Investor: Nation Gallery in Prague

    Year: 2016

  • Study and documentation center

    Supply of projection technology and sound projection.

    Investor: The Capital City Prague

    Year: 2016

  • New Generation Museum - Žďár n. S.

    A/V technology and interactive elements supply, exposition control.

    Investor: Castle Žďár nad Sázavou

    Year: 2016

    Presentation video HERE.

    Link for the video with moderator Jolana Voldanova HERE.

  • Tank Kostelíček Třebíč

    Projection and audio technology supply.

    Investor: Vodárenská a.s. Třebíč

    Year: 2015

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