AQ Acoustic Damping Panel AP4

Akustický tlumící panel o velikosti 60 x 60 cm pro úpravu akustických vlastností interiéru.
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Akustický panel AQ MA 5
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AQ Acoustic Damping Panel AP4
AQ Acoustic Damping Panel AP4
AQ Acoustic Damping Panel AP4
AQ Acoustic Damping Panel AP4
AQ Acoustic Damping Panel AP4
AQ Acoustic Damping Panel AP4
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Acoustic Damping Panel.
Room acoustics have a major impact on the feeling of well-being in the room. It is difficult to understand a speaker in a room with poor acoustics. In an area with poor acoustics, the speaker is very difficult to speak, and it is very uncomfortable to hear a significant distortion of one's own voice and a long reverberation. If more people try to converse in a poorly realized space at the same time, there is a phenomenon known to many restaurants. Because he is not understood by the listener, he tries to speak out loud, but the others conversing in the room are trying to do the same, and the result is horrible cacophony, an increasing feeling of tiredness, some people with headaches. Music productions in an acoustically untreated space tend to be unfortunate, usually ending with the indignation of musicians and listeners. There is a similar situation in the home listening room, we can invest tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands into the home audio system, however, if the room's acoustic properties are unsuitable, the sound will still be blurry and there is no chance of a precise presentation of the stereo space.
As a manufacturer of quality loudspeakers, AQ has always faced the need for acoustic adjustments in listening rooms. We have always been forced to implement acoustic adjustments for our needs and our advantage was the technical equipment that allows us to measure room acoustics and evaluate the results of the adjustments objectively. Based on over 20 years of experience, we have designed the AQ Acoustic Damping Panel. First of all for our own needs and after simplifying the installation method, we decided to release it for the needs of our customers and fans of good sound.

• The entire panel is designed as a damping resonance panel, this feature is primarily reflected in the lower frequency range - about 570 Hz.
• There is an array of openings on the front panel, acoustic fabric behind the holes, and stone damping wool. The significance of this element is reflected mainly in frequencies from 4 250 Hz to 17 kHz.
• The front face is not parallel to the back of the panel. The application of this element suppresses the formation of standing waves on parallel surfaces in the room. The importance of this element is in the full acoustic spectrum.

Panels can be applied to walls and ceiling. A suitable application does not necessarily mean covering the entire wall, depending on the initial condition of the acoustics it is possible to apply it to a part of the surface; The installation is easy. The panel is self-supporting, with four mounting holes on the back wall. The openings are adapted to be locked in a hinged position and can be orientated in all directions due to their design. A hidden side locking version can be used for ceiling mounting.


- width: 600 mm
- height: 600 mm
- thickness: 120 / 80mm
- Weight: 6.5 kg

Price / 1 pc




    - šířka: 600 mm

    - výška: 600 mm

    - tloušťka: 120 / 80 mm

    - hmotnost: 6,5 kg

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