AQ Labrador 38

2-way audiophile speakers with Scan Speak and Vifa speakers in the D´Appolito arrangement.
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AQ Labrador 38
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D´Appolito 2-way audiophile speakers with Scan Speak and Vifa speakers


Analytically accurate sound with all the details is what makes the Labrador 38 audiophile. 
These are two-way speakers with dual mid-bass speakers. 
The AQ LABRADOR 38 speakers were awarded by STEREO magazine as a product of the year 2021 - 2022.




The D´Appolito arrangement gives the speakers perfect directional characteristics in the full frequency band. 
The inverters are embedded in the front, whose already high rigidity and resistance to resonances is further
increased by reinforcements. The advantage of this concept is the high power load capacity with a small speaker
width. The baffle has a front bass reflex mouthpiece, which significantly expands the possibilities of placing
speakers in the interior (eg near the wall). The atypical box in the shape of a trapezoid made of double-sided veneered MDF is the result of accurate
measurements and the chosen shape has its justification. It maximally increases rigidity and resistance
to resonances and at the same time minimizes parallel surfaces. It is the parallel-oriented surfaces that
cause standing waves inside the speakers. If a sound wave propagates between them, it then bounces off the
walls like an image from a mirror and an undesirable superposition occurs - a phenomenon in which a new
sound wave meets the original one just reflected on its way in the same place. In such cases, some frequencies
begin to amplify, others weaken, and unwanted distortion occurs. In these cases, the sound is often unpleasant,
without size and detail - a typical manifestation of cheap speakers. The very shape of the Labrador 38 speaker
has managed to minimize the effect of parallel surfaces.

In addition, the speaker system has a sand-filled chamber in its lower part, which is closed at the top by 
a sloping plate. This plate is at the same time a reinforcement and at the same time forms another non-parallel
wall in the inner space of the baffle. Inside the box, there are four other all-round reinforcements that are
located at critical points in the speaker. All joints of the cabinet are glued flat at an angle. Thanks to its concept and shape, the speakers can be placed in any interior, even near walls or alternatively in
a corner. The Labrador 38 can be used as a main speaker in a medium to large room, bedroom, study or as a front
speaker for home theater systems. In all applications, the trapezoidal shape of the box is beneficial and the result
will be a precise harmonious sound with a solid bass base, fine detail and 3D space. The mid-bass drivers are from the workshop of the renowned Danish manufacturer Scan-Speak. The use of Scan-Speak
speakers in this price range is what moves the Labrador 38 to the forefront of speakers with an excellent price
/ performance ratio. The tweeter with 1 "textile dome and ferrofluid cooling is then from the sister company Vifa,
also from Denmark. The connection terminals allow the connection of Bi-Wing or Bi-Amping. All internal connections are soldered,
inside the speaker system eliminates any problematic connection in the form of pushed-in fastons. Sufficiently
dimensioned branded internal cabling is used. Soldered internal connections and an electronic switch in the D2D
standard are a matter of course, unlike the competition at AQ.

The Labrador 38 speakers are suitable for all listeners who are looking for a universal solution with precise sound 
without any embellishments. Thanks to their precision performance and clear tone contours, they can be the right
choice not only for audiophiles who prefer listening to acoustic music, jazz, etc., but also for professional sound
technicians in studio work. The natural veneer finish with matt lacquer, combined with excellent workmanship and an innovative design, are clear
prerequisites for meeting the requirements of contemporary design. Labrador 38 (production in the Czech Republic) offers a wide range of uses. Their advantage is precise and open
sound, which also enables long-term and tireless listening.

• Trapezoidal floor plan eliminates standing waves

• Sand-lined inner chamber • D´Appolito speaker layout • Excellent rigidity and resonance resistance • Equipped with premium Scan-Speak and Vifa speakers • Soldered internal connections and electronic switch in D2D standard • Bass reflex baffle with front outlet • Extended speaker placement options (wall, corner, etc.) • Magnetically attached (removable) cover grille (after removing the grille, the magnets on the front are not visible) • Finish with natural wood veneer • Massive screw terminals allowing easy both Bi-Wire or Bi-Amp connection • Luxurious natural veneer finish in satin lacquer • Precise sound with a solid bass base and fine detail





  • System: 2-way

  • Impedance: 8 Ω

  • Max. noise: 100 W

  • Max. short-time: 220 W

  • Sensitivity: 89 dB / 1 W / 1 m

  • Frequency response: 30 Hz - 30 kHz in 6 dB

  • Crossover: 12,18 dB / oct

  • Dimensions (w x h x d):  210 mm (135 mm back side) x 1010 mm x 307 mm (322 mm with grill)

  • Weight: 22,3 kg

  • Internal Volume: 35 l

  • Bassreflex 

AQ Labrador 38
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